About Us

Her soul sings with the rise and fall of the tides, guided by a love for the ocean and the beauty of nature. Happiest with sand between her toes and salt in her hair - on a search for that endless summer - a barefoot wanderer who sees beauty in the simple things and splurges on the finer things.

Fashion is her art. An expression of who she is, how she sees herself and the person she presents to the world. She finds freedom in the fabrics, the textures, the colours and how the clothes make her feel.

A style that is effortless, bohemian and beautiful. Inspired by her surroundings, her friends and strangers on the street. She is creative, passionate and loyal.

She is that girl getting lost in the streets of a new city. Brought alive by the colours, the people, the smells and the sounds. She knows that memories are just moments waiting to be made, and she's impatient. Impatient for more adventures and chance encounters that will shape her story.

She's that girl walking down Turquoise Lane.

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