“I hope wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy.”

No matter if you’re jet setting or living your daily routine, the one thing that’s always with you is your hair elastic (even if its permanently located on your wrist!)  We love seeing women getting creative with their hair ties. From hair scrunchies to ribbons or simply a piece of cut off material (because our 1521 hair ties have somehow escaped their usual hidey-holes), there’s endless inspiration. And now that 90’s hair accessories are making a comeback we thought we’d share our favourite hair tie combos for a cheap and easy style update.

Hair scrunchies for the easy on the go updo

As far as we’re concerned a messy bun will always be the number one, go to hairstyle. Whether you’ve got bed hair, beach hair or a 3-day oil build up, this style doesn’t discriminate. Flip your head upside down and pull into a messy ponytail, no need to be Instagram perfect here your fingers are your comb! Twist the hair and spin it around the base of the ponytail into something that resembles a bun, and secure with your hair scrunchie. Voila, you’re good to go, this isn’t your first rodeo!

We love hair scrunchies as much as the next girl. They’re a little harder to lose than the average hair tie! We have striped linen or white cotton styles available online and in store at the Turquoise Lane Boutique.

Shop the Turquoise Lane Wylde Hair Scrunchies here. As worn by @emelinaah below.

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Hair ribbons for something a little more

There’s something elegant about a hair ribbon, it’s feminine and versatile and plays a large enough part in your outfit to make a statement. If you’re wanting to keep a few salty strands off your face as the wind whips you on your ride home from the beach, the hair ribbon headband is another one of our go-to’s!

Or if you’re hair ties have gone to hair tie heaven, use your ribbon, silk tie or creatively cut off strip of material to tie your hair into a low ponytail.

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