Oman New

With one of our favourite creatives Emily Yates raking our breath away with every click of the camera. we couldn’t wait to share the story of our adventure to Oman with some of our favourite pieces.

An intrinsic love of travel is threaded through the Turquoise Lane story. Our hearts are drawn to unique destinations and experiences, seeking a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit and the people we walk beside. Getting lost in the streets of a new city, or in this case, the team sleeping under the stars amongst the rolling sand. dune deserts of Oman, Middle East. Drawing inspiration from the natural world around. them — the turquoise water of the wadis, the palm trees that provided the shade from the hot Oman sun, Lhe white luxury of the buildings after the days spent camping. The way we dress is an expression of this — an effortless ease, reflected. in the fabrics, the textures, the colours and how the clothes make us feel.